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We are Anna and Tod. Together we write as A. Kristina Casasent. When not writing we serve the whims of our Newfoundland dog, two cats, and a Crested Gecko. Living in Texas, we work in the sciences by day and write fiction by night.

The two of us write across a selection of genres, usually with a slight touch of humor, including science-fiction, fantasy, and thriller/horror. More about this on Our Universes page.

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Anna has a PhD in biomedical sciences and a background as a bioinformatician. She is an avid dog (and cat) trainer and is the driving force behind A. Kristina Casasent.

Tod is a software developer and has worked in a variety of industries. He learned to fly the space shuttle in on-orbit rendezvous and docking maneuvers and how to keep the space station thermal bus from self-destructing. Anna turned him into a writer.

On our SubStack blog⇗, we write about dog training, animal behavior, as well as about cooking and recipes (often Paleo, sometimes lactose free, and always gluten free). Random science facts can occur at any moment.

To contact us, drop a message into one of our blog posts.