About Us

All about Tod and Anna in real-life.

A. Kristina CasasentAnna and Tod together write as A. Kristina Casasent. They serve the whims of their Newfoundland dog, two cats, and a Crested Gecko. Living in Texas, the couple works in the sciences by day and write fiction by night.

The couple writes across a selection of genres, usually with a slight touch of humor, including science-fiction, fantasy, and thriller/horror.

Anna has a PhD in biomedical sciences and a background as a bioinformatician. She is an avid dog (and cat) trainer and is the driving force behind A. Kristina Casasent.

Tod is a software developer and has worked in a variety of industries. He learned to fly the space shuttle in on-orbit rendezvous and docking maneuvers and how to keep the space station thermal bus from self-destructing. Anna turned him into a writer, beyond writing role-playing games.

More information about A. Kristina Casasent’s writing can be found at https://casasent.blog/blog/home/220531-2/.

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